This is why perfectionism can bury you...

This is why perfectionism can bury you

Josh Masters

Author, Director and Founder, BuySide Buyers Agency

Josh Masters from Buy Side talks about his personal experience of constantly having the idea that everything has to be just right – perfect from the get go before you take the first step.

Perfectionism – the killer of dreams.

It took me many years to understand why striving for perfectionism was a disadvantage.

They say you get wiser with age, but this is still something I struggle with personally.

What’s worse is that it’s hard to talk to anyone about it because they think you’re just being a tosser by trying to tell them that everything you do is awesome and that it’s a real drag.

The idea is that everything has to be just right – perfect from the get go before you take the first step.

The reality is though that it stops you from doing anything.

This quote from Mastin Kipp hits the nail on the head…

"Perfectionism is a dream killer, because it’s just fear

disguised as trying to do your best."

I noticed this early on in my investment career where I studied the markets for 2 years looking for the perfect buying opportunity, only to find that the market had passed me completely.

In hindsight, I could have bought a condemned garage and I would have made money.

Instead I found myself too focused on having to tick every single box.

As Mastin says though, ultimately that was just fear in disguise. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of getting it wrong, losing money and feeling like a failure.

Personally, I still battle with maintaining a level of quality that I find acceptable. However, now I’m more willing to just get it out - take action, make a start and build on it.

Now I look at the fear and failure as part of the journey to get to the good stuff.

So, with that in mind, I want to introduce you to our first video version of the Market Essentials report.

Of course, you can still download the 2 page report here for a quick summary of the national property market.

But if you can afford just over 5 minutes from your month then I can deliver you a quick round up of the capital cities right here…

It’s far from perfect but it is something that we’re constantly looking to improve upon and I think you’ll really enjoy it.




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